I’m so happy I found this podcast. My husband and I are both bilingual but all different languages (so between us we speak 4 languages ). And now we are raising our children trilingual with the third language being the community language. It’s really nice to have access to evidence to support our choices. Thank you.

Sharon is such a natural. The interviews with experts are crisp, informative and relatable. And the interviews with kids are thoughtful, inspiring and just darn cute. I love hearing what language the kids speak with their pets. Anyhow, all of this is to say that you have inspired me to advocate that my kids’ school implement an open talenbeleid. I added this topic as an agenda item for our next MR meeting. You were both the main source of inspiration and because I liberally quoted you in it! Thanks so much and please keep spreading the word!

Finding this podcast was like a dream come true. I think Sharon is absolutely brilliant. She is one of the (if not the) foremost expert on this topic and after reading having read a dozen plus books on this topic somehow I feel like I wasted my time when all the answers were right here!