The last Kletsheads [Season 3, Episode 8]

Transcript In this final - and therefore extra-long - episode, three parents who have previously been guests on the podcast talk about how their family's bilingual journey has progressed since then. I look back over…Read more

Bilingualism and dyslexia [Season 3, Episode 7]

Transcript Learning to read does not come easily to all children. Some children experience serious problems with reading and spelling. They have difficulty recognising and learning letters, they mix up sounds or letters, or read…Read more

The benefits of heritage language education (complementary schools) [Season 3, Episode 6]

Transcript Many bilingual children around the world attend heritage language education. Sometimes called complementary or supplementary schools, heritage language programs or mother tongue education, these schools offer children and young people a safe space where…Read more

Bilingualism and autism [Season 3, Episode 5]

Transcript According to WHO, 1 in 100 children have autism. Whilst exact numbers can vary depending on who's reporting them, where in the world you live, and how autism is defined, this developmental disability is…Read more

Books about bilingual parenting [Season 3, Episode 4]

Transcript In this episode we review two books about bilingual parenting: Bilingual success stories around the world by Adam Beck and Bilingual families. A practical language planning guide by Eowyn Crisfield. We get the parental…Read more
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