How bilingual children’s languages influence each other [Season 1, Episode 10]

"You're wobbling the table all the time! This is what my bilingual son said to his sister when they were playing a board game sat together at a small table and big sister was apparently…Read more

How to make use of bilingual children’s home languages in the classroom: Translanguaging [Season 1, Episode 9]

One language at school and another language at home. This is the reality for most bilingual children here in the Netherlands and in many countries around the world. Bilingual children often use the school language…Read more

Can a child learn three languages at once? [Season 1, Episode 8]

Many children in the world grow up with three languages. For example, because their parents both speak a different language and they learn a third language at school. Or because they speak one language at…Read more

Does it matter if a bilingual child only actively uses one language? [Season 1, Episode 7]

"Help! My child doesn't speak my language back to me!" This is one of the most frequently heard concerns from parents raising their children bilingually. You really try your best, consistently speaking your language to…Read more
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