Bilingual families in lockdown and Mother Tongues [Season 2, Episode 10]

Transcript It's over two years since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and families across the globe were forced  into lockdown, with schools and childcare centres closed and many parents having to juggle working from home with…Read more

How the bilingual mind handles words from two languages [Season 2, Episode 9]

Transcript Bilingual children sometimes say things that their monolingual peers would never say. This is the same for adults, too. They don't always know certain words in each of their two (or more) languages. And…Read more

Language mixing and bilingual secrets [Season 2, Episode 8]

Transcript Most bilingual children mix their two languages. Perhaps not all the time and not in all contexts, but as many parents will know, bilingual children regularly start a sentence in one language and finish…Read more

Bilingualism and academic achievement [Season 2, Episode 7]

Transcript Every three years, teenagers around the world are tested on their abilities in maths, science and reading, as part of PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment. Basically, it's a way of comparing how…Read more

Multimedia resources for multilingual families [Season 2, Episode 6]

Transcript When you're raising a bilingual child and you're the the only source of one of your child's two or more languages, it can be a good idea to try and find other people or…Read more
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