In this special bonus episode of Kletsheads we have a podcast crossover. We are delighted to share an episode of the Much Language Such Talk podcast, an English language podcast that answers questions about language, learning, and culture. The podcast was created by three researchers at the University of Edinburgh, Brittany Blankship, Eva-Maria Schnelten and Carine Abraham, who are also volunteers at Bilingualism Matters, a research and information centre on multilingualism at the University of Edinburgh. There are episodes on a variety of topics related to multilingualism, from language, race and ethnicity, to language and cognition, and specific languages such as Basque. This episode is about multilingual children. Carine is the host and I am the guest. We talk about the role of language input (listen to this episode of Kletsheads if you want to hear more about this), bilingual siblings (here’s an episode about that), how the languages of bilingual children can influence each other (we also have an episode of Kletsheads about this), and of course about podcasting and why I started the Kletsheads podcast.  During the conversation with Carine and Maria I talked about the Kletskoppen child language festival. This is a science festival about language for children. The next edition will take place on March 6th, 2022 in Nijmegen.

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